Saturday, 7 January 2012

retro permulaan

Assalamualaikum n hye pepels :)

Mood msih new,mimi decided to create new one blog.more simpler than before.just for perkongsian pngalaman n ilmu.insyaAllah.I'm not good writter but i'm writting from deep of heart :D
mimi xpndai sgt,plus minus BM and English. sori. :)

"selamat tahun baru" *sigh*

just like before,every step that i'm gonna in my life.hope it'll be the super duper GREAT,which i'll never being dissapoint soon.Amin.
y len2 simpan dlm,mlu nk ckp :)

2011 being memoir :D
welcome 2012 

Sometimes Allah tests us so that we can see the rainbow after a stormy rain. If we can’t see the rainbow in this world, then inshAllah we can in the Hereafter. Just be strong in your heart and mind! Furnish it with faith, love, trust, and sincerity for the sake of Allah. Make your imagination embroidered with His love and light. InshAllah tranquility and contentment will penetrate into our soul. That is when our imagination triumphs over intelligence. 

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